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Finn has always been fascinated by the constructions of our experience in the perceptual present: who we are, what we hear, and interactions with attention, interest, and emotion. They* have worked with continuous responses to music since 2007, untangling audiences experiences as captured by ratings and psychophysiological measurements. Collections of continuous responses pose specific statistical challenges, and Finn has developed analytical tools to evaluate whether and when responses show significant agreement and coordination.

Finn is currently a PhD Candidate at New York University in Music Technology within the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, working with Prof. Mary Farbood.  While at NYU, their research has focused on how people breath while listening to music.

Prior to arriving at NYU, Finn completed a M.A. in Music Technology at McGill University, as well as a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics and a BMus in Music Theory. As musician, Finn plays many instruments badly, including the bassoon and the crash cymbals. As a mathee, they are a fan of non-linear dynamics and non-parametric statistics. As an academic, Finn reads too freely in the areas of social cognition, computational neuroscience, developmental psychology, and fan studies. Outside of academia, Finn is an urban cyclist, amateur dancer, and a regular contributor to the Three Patch Podcast(nsfw).

*Finn is non-binary and their preferred pronouns are they/them/their. Feel free to consult the trans wiki for more information about non-binary gender identities and the GLAAD reference on how to be an ally to transgender people.


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